Liberals are Praying that Europe will Save Barack Obama

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Ezra Klein, a columnist at The Washington Post, has written an interesting piece on why “Europe could decide the 2012 election”. Klein writes that “the 2012 election is likely to be decided by the actions of a handful of European leaders” taken over the next two weeks. He warns that the debt crisis in Europe “can shatter an already fragile global economy”, with significant implications for the United States and the fortunes of President Obama. Klein notes that Europe’s leaders could do more “to secure Obama’s reelection” than Obama’s own advisers:

It doesn’t have to happen, of course. Europe has the resources to get through this crisis. But it doesn’t have the governance structures necessary to do so, nor is it clear that it has the political will needed to create them. At the moment, Greece is teetering on the edge, and so things could get very bad, very quick. And if they do, our economy is going to get very bad, very quick – and so will President Obama’s reelection chances.
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